PREPS: The Publishers’ database for Responsible Environmental Paper Sourcing

PREPS is an initiative from Carnstone Partners LLP with the participation of twenty-three leading publishing companies. These publishing companies have come together under the PREPS project to develop their understanding of responsible paper supply chains.

The companies are supported by a database (the PREPS web application) which holds technical specifications and details of the pulps and forest sources of the papers they use. It also holds data on CO2 emissions and water use at the paper mill level.

Based on the forest source information, each paper is awarded a grade of 1, 3, or 5 using the PREPS Grading System. This considers the country of origin of the wood fibre and how the forest sources have been managed.

PREPS users are able to access this information and take it into account when making purchasing decisions. Ultimately, however, the way each publisher uses this tool is at their own discretion.

Explore our website to find out more about the grading system and the participating companies of PREPS. You can also browse our frequently asked questions or contact us with any queries.

An area of tropical rainforest the size of England and Wales is cleared every year for cattle ranching, soy and palm oil production and, of course, to feed the world's pulp and paper mills. We understand that paper supply chains can be long and complicated, making it hard for end users to identify the forests sources that went into making their paper. We are delighted to see that so many leading users of the UK publishing industry recognise that this is an issue and have come together within PREPS to tackle it. Collectively these major companies, many with a global reach, can really start to influence the actions of the pulp and paper making sector.

James Heneage, Director, The Prince's Rainforests Project